Alchimie Kantic + Intensely Nourishing Cream - 1.7 ounce

Pamper your skin with the ultimate luxury. This intense hydrating cream is packed with emollients such as jojoba and vitamin E, infusing the skin with moisture. Powerful antioxidants in the cream derived from blueberries and grape seeds help to quell redness and prevent the formation of free radicals. Red clover extract restores the skin's youthful elasticity and resilience by stimulating natural collagen production.

Strengthens the skin for more firmness and elasticity (red clover).
Stimulates collagen production (red clover).
Prevents UV-induced damage (blueberries, grape seeds).
Helps control vascular symptoms (blueberries act as vascular protectants); ideal for rosacea-prone skin.
Nourishing (vitamin E, jojoba, red clover), rejuvenating (grape seeds, blueberries), anti-aging, redness-reducing.

Academie Scientific System Stimulating & Moisturizing Mask (Salon Size) - 200ml/6.75oz

Health & Personal Care
An ultimate facial mask to replenish skin with moisture Formulated of active ingredients to re-condition skin Re-hydrates skin to restore natural water balance Refreshes dull skin while optimizing epidermal skin tone Leaves complexion glows with exceptional radiance Apply mask on face & leave for 10 minutes. Clear away the excess with cotton pad