Attention, Balance and Coordination: The A.B.C. of Learning Success

Attention, Balance and Coordination is the most up-to-date handbook for professionals involved in education and child development, providing a new understanding of the source of specific behavioural problems. Written by a respected author of acclaimed titles in this fieldExplains why early reflexes are important, their functions in development and their effects on learning, behaviour and beyond - also covers adult neurological dysfunctions anxiety and agoraphobiaBuilds on an ABC of Attention, Balance and Coordination to create a unique look across specific learning difficulties, linked by common motor skills challenges resulting from neuro-developmental deficienciesIncludes the INPP Developmental Screening Questionnaire together with guidance on how to use and interpret it

Silver Plated Pugster Dragonfly European Bead Fits Pandora Charm Bracelet

Silver Plated Pugster Dragonfly European Bead Fits Pandora Charm Bracelet. You will receive bead exactly as shown in picture.

Quantity: 1 Pandora Style Bead
Size Hole is 4.5mm slide on Cores(not threaded)
Fits Pandora, Biagi, Chamilia, Zable, charmed memories
Compatible with Pandora Bracelet
Pugster Silver Plated Charm